With our specific training you can achieve a 100% reliable and real result. Try it and do not regret it at all. Prepare for any situation.


Get trained in our three levels.Thanks to our ZIW team, you can increase your level from the most basic to the most advanced.
ZIW Team


How could it be otherwise, we also have specialized courses for minors.Let's fight Bullying.

Defense is a program Shaka That Focuses on women from 12 years and is based on intensive courses. With the methodology created by Samira Talha Abdelkader, we show you how to defend yourself against common attacks Assaults or simple fun, effective and using music as the main tool.

Learn to defend yourself was never so fun, you want to be a warrior #Iqhawe?

Our intensive courses have a duration of introductory two days you will simply learn defense techniques, but very useful in case you need to defend yourself from an assault inside and outside the home. Our intermediate and advanced courses are on a day Taught That will expand the options of defense in the various attacks and Those Who add less frequent but very possible attacks.

From the first course you will feel safer thanks to all that we teach you, you’ll realize everything you are able to learn and how well you feel.

A family

In each training we end up competing experiences and strengthening ties between the participants. Creating a small, but increasingly large family unit.

Achieve your goal

The magic is in the movements. The workouts are different at each level and are modified to help each person achieve their goals and grow.

Complete health

We keep repeating how important physical health is. But we rarely notice psychological health, when it is as important or more important than physical health. Strengthen your confidence.

Shaka-Defense is a lifestyle characterized by a safe, effective and solid exercise. Shaka-Defense can be used to achieve any goal, in addition to helping you defend yourself, it can help improve self-confidence and improve self-esteem. The program works for everyone: both adults and children and in people who start from absolute ignorance and people who have already had contact with other contact activities.

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Learn to defend yourself